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Rose, trying on traditional dress

Trying On Clothes...

"My day with the Kushi Waira tour, was one of my favorite experiences, during my 6 weeks in Ecuador. It gave me a chance to spend time with a local indigenous community in the Andes. I enjoyed sipping on the frequently served alcoholic sugar cane drinks, that I think were offered to keep us warm.

Watching the process of cleaning and cooking "Cuy" guiney pig was very interesting. I have to admit though.... I didn't like the taste of the strong, flavored meat and dealing with the thick skin attached. The spreading of the entire lunch on a table cloth, which was placed on top of a straw mat lying the ground, was a different approach.

Learning about the many medicinal plants was fascinating and educational. Hiking the spectacular, green hills was a challenge for me in the high altitude, but I managed to keep up, without too much huffing and puffing. I enjoyed trying to spin pieces of wool into strands and balls, shown to us by the elder women, who were skilled. We were given a "healing" with the flapping of hand held, smoking, medicinal leaves. Breathing in the smoke, was for me, an unhealthy experience......but it is common in the incense filled churches and in the smoky kitchens. At the end of the day, we were given the opportunity to try on their thick wool skirts, shawls and hats. This was guaranteed to make me look chubby and to give everyone a laugh!"

- Rose

Lunch On The Ground

"My passion for travel comes from learning about other cultures and meeting local people. Some tour companies try to hard to provide that experience and it feels touristy. At Kushi Waira the Kanari community truly works together to provide guests an authentic experience while raising money for a good cause. I chose the day tour plus the overnight experience-- stay overnight if you can, it really deepened the experience as local children came to visit, and we played games and helped prepare dinner."

- Brenda Fisher, Seattle, Washington U.S.A.

Grinding Corn

"I did both the Day Tour and the Overnight Experience. What a great way to learn about their indigenous culture! Our guide was an expert on the history and culture of the area. I was able to experience the food (including trying my hand at grinding corn), music, and beliefs of the Kanari people first-hand...and I even got to cook guinea pig over hot coals! I highly recommend their tours to anyone who travels to the Cuenca area!"

- Sandi Bird, Roanoke, VA U.S.A.